Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quilter, KS Tornado

On Friday May 23, 2008, storm chaser Chris Collura caught this amazing video of a mile wide wedge tornado near Quilter, Kansas. Thanks to Dewdrop for telling me about this one; it is very impressive.


Ice said...

Wow! That was a huge wedge! It's amazing! I think they're a little closer to that wedge.. What's the reported speed of that one?

Storm Chasing Mikey said...


You out chasing this morning?


Mike said...

I haven't heard that yet, Ice, but I will check out the survey results from the NWS out there soon. Good question.

SCM, No, I'm not out chasing. I am at home today with a severe headache. If something chases me, I'll be watching. I will post some video or pics from last night's storm soon.