Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More damage photos from the Cullman tornado

I received the above photos from Penelope today. She lives west of Arkadelphia and east of Boldo, in extreme SW Cullman County, Alabama. This is just west of the area where the NWS Huntsville determined an EF2 tornado hit early Sunday morning. Her area has not yet been included in the storm survey but based on her location and the damage path, it appears that the tornado was on the ground in her community as well. She told me, "We were in the basement of our house, fortunately. Normally when a storm comes through you can't hear anything down there, except for this time. It sounded like things were banging against the sides of the house, but we haven't noticed any damage. We have commercial grade steel doors on our basement, but it didn't seem to make a difference, you could hear the latch popping, and it sounded like the wind was going to cause the door to just fly open. The Lord must have been watching out for us. It was an extremely frightening experience...I'll definitely never forget it.

Below are the photos I took between Arkadelphia and Colony.


Michael said...

Nice Pics Thanks for sharing!

Mike Wilhelm said...

Thanks Michael.