Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Virginia tornadoes

At least three tornadoes struck southern Virginia yesterday. As of this morning over 220 injuries and have been reported so far. It is miraculous that there have been no fatalities reported. This was a very destructive tornado in an urban area. A storm survey will be done by the Wakefield NWS on the tornado damage by the NWS to assign an EF rating. Based on some of the damage I have seen, an EF3 rating may be possible for the tornado in Suffolk County. This would require the QRT (Quick Response Team) to be called in to make that determination. This same general are received tornado damage one week ago.

Check out this video of the tornado from April 28, 2008 taken in Chesapeake and Suffolk, Va.

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Anonymous said...

The tornadoes that hit the Virginia area can be considered as a major one. It was definitely a devastating one leaving out destroyed homes,lying power lines and flipping cars around. I hope for the speedy recovery of the people affected by the tornadoes as well as the wellness of the injured one...