Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"The Death of Frosty"

Nathan in northen Wisconsin has an excellent weather blog and he has been running a very cool series of posts entitled, "The Death of Frosty". Go check it out!

Check out the awesome Slideshow here.

R.I.P. Frosty


Unknown said...

That was pretty funny.. I meet up with some old friends of the family in HSV yesterday and they live in Spokane, and they were telling me they had 10" of snow when they left there... Still winter in some places, other than the mountains...

nathan said...

Thanks for the coverage, Mike. Still up to 9" in the shady areas of the backyard, but that might take a hit tomorrow if we reach forecast highs in the upper 60s. That would be the warmest of the year so far at my location. Chequamegon Bay was still mostly ice-covered yesterday. Of course, areas away from the Lake have already reached mid-70s the last two days... not here.

However, NWS Duluth is talking about possible solutions to a system on Friday. Enough cold air may be entrained in a system to produce another snowstorm someplace in the Northwoods up here. That idea is getting very old and late into the season.

Another possibility is the warm sector might work northeastward enough into northern Wisconsin to promote severe storms (and/or supercells). Not that we get the same caliber supercells that you guys get, but we do occasionally get an F2 or F3 from them in the past.

Worst case scenario is heavy snow northwest of Duluth and severe storm southeast. Should be interesting to see how this system continues to evolve and how well the models can sort through the details. I'm hoping for some rough-n-tumble weather to make a nice contrast with the long, cold, and snowy winter (average) that we just had!!

Mike Wilhelm said...

It will be interesting to see how that storm plays out. Amazing that you still have 9" in parts of the yard.