Monday, March 31, 2008

New weather and old weather

I hope those of you who visit with some degree of regularity will excuse me for not posting as much lately. Things have been fairly quiet weatherwise. I spend a lot of time on the computer (usually in lieu of watching television or watching movies, etc.). I try not to let it interfere with time with my children. Since they are usually with me on a regular schedule, I plan for that. They are the most important aspect of my life, other than my faith itself. Recently they have been with me more than usual, plus we have had other things to deal with.

Anyway, It looks like I will be back with more posting now. The weather looks really interesting this week. Today there is a moderate risk for severe weather in parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. Tornado warnings have been issued frequently this morning and damage has been reported northwest of Edmund, OK.

As mentioned previously, tomorrow and Friday continue to look like our best chance of rain and thunderstorms. Most of the energy will be pulling well to our north tomorrow, so I do not expect a major outbreak. But with it being the first day of April, I cannot help but think we may see a few isolated severe storms.

Friday April 4 appears to be our greatest threat of severe weather here since at least the first week of March. A warm front will be pulling north and models are showing some impulses moving along that front may very well trigger some severe weather. It's still a little early to pinpoint, but now it seems that is definitely a day to keep your attention on the weather.

I recently uploaded a video (which my youngest son deemed boring), that only a weather geek would have the patience to sit and watch for all four minutes. Even if you are a CWG, you might not have time for it. Back in May of 1990 I lived in a small house in downtown Tuscaloosa. Those were the days, my friend. Anyway, I saw a fascinating dying severe thunderstorm to my west and northwest as the sun was setting over the city. So what did I do? Duh, you guessed it, I grabbed the video camera.

Have a great week and keep your eyes to the skies!


Dewdrop said...

I hope that doesn't mean you won't have you boys as often... btw, the video says it's not available.

Mike Wilhelm said...

No, THANKFULLY, it doesn't mean that. It was just some "extra" time with them that I won't have this week.

I was able to view the video. Sometimes you have to refresh the page. It might be a browser issue, I dunno.....