Thursday, March 20, 2008

Killer Tornado Alley

This is not a distinction we want to have! Nevertheless, it is real and we need to work on changing it. Yes, North Alabama is in possibly one of the worst areas for hard-to-detect tornadoes. Due to high humidity, mountains, trees, and poor visibility, it is extremely difficult to spot tornadoes in this part of the country. That makes them much more dangerous.

Walker Ashley of Northern Illinois University tells us why things are so dangerous here.

Thankfully, Huntsville and North Alabama is blessed with an excellent NWS office and many very committed storm spotters.

My goal is to see this change! We cannot control the weather, but we CAN control our response.

NOAA weather radio will help a lot. If you read this, please buy yourself and every household that you know a weather radio! They can be found for only $29.99 now!


Anonymous said...

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Dewdrop said...

This is definitely something that can be changed. Spotter training, spotter training, spotter training... speaking of that, I would love to schedule more training here.

Mike Wilhelm said...

I agree, Dewdrop, that spotter training and activation is a huge part of the equation. That along with getting the warnings to people and people acting on the warnings.

James Payton said...

Hey Mike!!!

Interestingly enough...a good deal of what has been mentioned in the post & mine on my blog will be mentioned at the symposim in two weeks...

Take care!!!