Monday, March 31, 2008

It sure was great to hear from....

I don't usually post personal stuff on the weather blog, but it was great to hear from a dear friend from college who has been faithfully following God's call, ministering in Japan for many years! Susan, as a missionary to Japan, serves in Tokyo at various campuses in reaching, teaching, and training university students. She works with Global University, the Assemblies of God education arm throughout the world. She found my video of us singing at the Chinese New Year Festival at UA in 1992. It made my day, to say the least, to hear from her.

To make this a "legit" weather post, here is the weather for Tokyo. As of this post, it is 59 degrees under partly cloudy skies. During the next 5 days highs will be between 57 and 64. Lows will be between 42 and 50. No rain is expected. At the moment winds are gusting as high as 45 mph out of the NW.

Check out Susan's blog!

Here is the video from 1992. Please don't laugh at my big glasses!


Sharp said...

Thankfully, you're in the dark. :-)

Hey, I liked my aviators. Great field-of-view. It's nice not having to look around your frames. I've chosen a compromise of late. They're not quite the trendy thumbnail-size glasses everyone seems to wear nowadays but they aren't 70s-worthy either. And i gave up tinting years ago - even though it was nice to have while driving.

Mike Wilhelm said...