Monday, March 31, 2008

How this thing began two years ago

I got into this blogging thing just thinking that I would write a general blog about my family. Soon it became apparent that blogging was an ideal outlet to share my interest in weather. After a few months of blogging in early 2006, it became evident by April 2006, that I must share weather with others. The readership of this weather blog has grown exponentially. For that I am grateful! I sincerely thank each of you who take time to read! Having said all of that, I must admit that this is a labor of love. I like to learn, study, observe, and share about the weather.

One thing I must say is that I have been extremely blessed by meeting people who have become really good friends through this blog! Thanks to you all!

It all began in early April 2006 during a severe weather episode here in North Alabama. On 4/7/06 I saw three hail events that evening, one near Hartselle and a few minutes later, at 10:49, I saw tennis ball sized hail one mile north of Falkville. Finally, I saw a hail storm just before midnight in downtown Cullman.

When I started this blog I had not yet discovered how video could tell the story. As a matter of fact, I don't think video embedding was an option.

One of my most interesting "chase" experiences was April 7, 2006 when I endured three severe hail storms. I must admit that as a storm spotter, I "blew it" big time. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I knew it, too. I have never been more scared than when I realized that a strong area of rotation (including a reported funnel cloud) was approaching my area.

I saw three different hail storms, two of which are on this video. The first part of the video is the hail storm that occurred in southern Morgan County, one mile north of I-65 Exit 322 at Falkville. The second part of the video was from later than night in downtown Cullman, AL on US Highway 31. Fortunately I was in an old vehicle. It has the scars to prove it was in a hailstorm. The largest hail I saw that night was approximately tennis ball sized, near Hartselle. I wish I had captured the bright green cloud to ground lightning to my north on video. Some areas close to me reported baseball sized hail. The radar at the end is from Dan Satterfield at WHNT 19 in Huntsville describing the storm in the first part of the video. The second report is from ABC 33/40 where my former classmate, Valorie Carter reported on the Cullman storm, which was in the second part of the video.


Dewdrop said...

I am glad to consider you a good friend.

I do think the date is wrong of your botched experience... you might check that. :O)

Mike Wilhelm said...

Dewdrop, You are and thank you!

Fixed the date! Thanks.