Monday, March 17, 2008

Crimson Tide Weather

The University of Alabama, my Alma Mater, has participated in several games when weather turned bad.

There was Kenny "Snake" Stabler's famous "run in the mud" against Auburn in 1967.

Snow fell in New Orleans prior to a Sugar Bowl in the 1960's.

There was a tornado warning and a severe thunderstorm during the 1983 Iron Bowl in Birmingham. A tornado was spawned by that same storm just to the northeast of the city.

Coach Bryant's last game in the Liberty Bowl in 1982 was bitterly cold with flurries earlier that day. I had the opportunity to attend that game with my Dad, Uncle, cousin, and a friend. Thanks to my Dad!

The Liberty Bowl in Memphis in (I think) 1959 was cold too.

I seem to remember a 3-0 game against LSU in Baton Rouge in the 1970's that was played in fog and drizzle. I remember listening on radio as I shot baskets in my driveway at night.

In 2003 a strong thunderstorm delayed the Alabama v Arkansas game in Tuscaloosa. There was a lot of lightning with that storm.

There have been others. Plus extreme heat is always an issue in those September games.


James Payton said...

Hey Mike!!!

Interesting points there. I suppose an actual tornado during the ball game must take the cake! I've been in that dome 100 times. I can only imagine how frightning that must had been to see the roof swaying like that!

I added your blog to mine as well.


Mike Wilhelm said...

Thanks for the link, James!