Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tornado outbreak updates

Tornado may be headed for downtown Nashville!

WMC reports tornado on the ground.

Marmaduke Ar.

more information in from Jackson TN - Latest reports he was able to provide, establishing emergency command center, multiple buildings collapsed or in danger of collapse, re-iterated the information already posted on here about dorm evacuations at Union University, they are in the process of doing triage on patients. He'll check back in 30 min or so. Asked for prayers...I told him we already were.

Powerdly, KY several home destroyed and rescue teams in route.......developing.

WMC-TV just said that Pavement was blown off the road near Oxford...

From one of James Spann's viewers:
"My daughter attends Union University. She called to say they were being evacuated from their dorms to a new building on campus. She said there is debris all over, damage to dorms, flipped cars, some bleeding students…no power and her cell phone charge was fading. Please pray

Steve Gaines said that the only part left standing of the dorm at Union where his daughter stays was the bathroom

From Arlington, TN, near Memphis, (still captured from WMC video stream)

upwards of 86 injuries being reported by CNN in Jackson, TNWMC-TV- Jackson Hospital is

moving patients to the basement to make room for 15-20 students from the Dorm that was hit at the college. Also transporting some of the injured to Memphis Med...

I-40 CLOSED at Atkins AR... West of Little Rock

accorrding to CNN, 86 injuries in Jackson, 30-40 at Union, and there are fatalities... not necessarily at the school

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