Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Flizzard in Alabama this morning...

One of my fellow ABC 33/40 Skywatchers coined the term, "flizzard", and Meteorologist Jason Simpson has begun popularizing it this morning.

I know of no official definition, but try this one I created today on for size:

A flizzard is heavy snow flurry activity with numerous, extremely tiny flakes that result in no more than a dusting. Flizzards usually occur as residual moisture wraps around a low pressure system after cold frontal passage.

Flizzards are very difficult to detect on radar because most of the activity falls below the elevation of the radar beam. Returns that do show up on radar are within 40 miles or so of the radar antenna. I have included a radar shot from Hytop NEXRAD and the visible satellite image captured at the same time.

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