Monday, February 18, 2008

A fast start on severe weather

Alabama, like much of the South and Lower Mississippi Valley, is off to a very fast start in 2008 for tornadoes and severe weather. As of February 14, 2008 Alabama has already had the following severe weather reports, according to the Storm Prediction Center:

Tornadoes - 19
Hail - 11
Wind - 78
Total - 110

The SPC map below shows severe reports from Jan.1, 2008-Feb. 14, 2008:

Hail=green, Wind=blue, Tornado=red

Keep in mind that January and the first half of February are typically not the most active months and that the above figures do not include the tornadoes and other reports from the February 17 outbreak yesterday.

Alabama has been in a relative "drought" for tornadoes over the past 10-15 years, especially during the late winter and spring tornado season. Most of our major tornado activity has been during the month of November. In 2007, Alabama had the following severe reports according to the SPC:

Tornadoes - 68
Hail - 143
Wind - 296
Total - 509

The SPC map below shows severe reports in Alabama for 2007:

Hail=green, Wind=blue, Tornado=red

Unfortunately, Alabama is way ahead of our pace from last year and there is no end in sight. As we approach the primary severe weather season in this state, models seem to be indicating that there will be a series of storms approaching every few days. Severe weather may be a threat again this Friday and Tuesday of next week.

This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama
. If the events of the past few weeks have not made Alabamians aware of severe weather, I shudder to think what will.

If you are from North Alabama, consider joining me for Skywarn training. I will be attending training tomorrow night in Hartselle in Morgan County.


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