Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sorry, no snow (worth mentioning)

Models continue to show very little chance of snow in North Alabama. Yes, we might have a few flakes or sleet pellets as the pricipitation begins, and extreme Northeast Alabama's higher elevations might even see some brief accumulations, but it will be a cold rain event for this state.

We'll have to visit Gatlinburg, TN to see snow in the South.


Dewdrop said...

It looks to me like the models were way off...

Mike said...

They were off and so was I. I was not surprised that we got some frozen precip, but I was surprised that a few areas had enough snow to be worth mentioning. I chose my title poorly. ONE FLAKE of snow is worth mentioning in Alabama.

The NAM was closest, but it ended up agreeing (wrongly) with the GFS. I think they underestimated the ability of the air to cool via evaporational cooling.