Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Favorite weather blog post of the year

It's time for the traditional and corny end of the year highlights to begin.

My favorite weather blog post this was the one James Spann posted on January 18, 2007, just before he did his 6 p.m. newscast, entitled, "'The Weather Channel' Mess". He was responding to the so-called climate expert Heidi Cullen of The Weather Channel who said that the American Meteorological Society should remove certification for broadcast meteorologists who do not believe in human induced global warming.

After his post was linked by Drudge and read in its entirety the next day by Rush Limbaugh, an unexpected firestorm ensued. James said that his normal busy email box went crazy. At one point he was receiving over 100 emails per minute.

This was my favorite post of the year because it represented a significant change. James was already one of the first meteorologists to challenge the "politically correct" view that global warming existed, was caused by human beings, and that anyone who disagreed was basically an uneducated flat-earth believing ignoramus. Now, to his surprise, he became a leading spokesman for the other side of the argument that supposedly didn't exist, according to people like Al Gore and Heidi Cullen. Since James spoke out, many, many more meteorologists have summoned the courage to follow.

James has become a leader of the opposition on this issue. One of the things he likes to remind people is to follow the money (on both sides of the issue). Try surviving as a meteorologist in a governmental agency which believes human induced global warming as gospel truth or try obtaining a government grant while not adhering to the party line on global warming.

What is sorely needed on this issue are independent scientists who are not biased by financial or other considerations who are willing and able to apply the scientific method. Thanks, James for taking the lead on this issue.

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