Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall photos

The Quad, Universtity of Alabama 11/17/07

The Quad, University of Alabama 11/17/07

Looking up from the Quad 11/17/07

Skies above Bryant-Denny Stadium 11/17/07

NE Huntsville, Alabama 11/16/07

Rogers Drive, NE Huntsville, 11/17/07

Looking up at Monte Sano from Oak Park 11/16/07

Maple leaves in NE Huntsville

Cullman County, AL 11/16/07 morning

Cullman County 11/16/07 morning

Vinemont, Cullman County

NE Huntsville 11/16/07 late afternoon

NE Huntsville 11/16/07

Vinemont, AL

Vinemont, 11/16/07 morning

Vinemont frost 11/16/07 morning

Cullman, AL frosty morning 11/16/07

Cullman frost 11/16/07


Dewdrop said...

Mike, I am confused... I thought you didn't have a camera... I love the one with all the colors on the ground! Great shots!!!

Mike said...

I knew you would say that. I was "borrowing" my son's camera. I still need a camera.

Sharp said...

We get some beautiful foilage in north Alabama but it happens so late. It usually only sticks around for a week or so because the November storms blow in and strip half the trees. Thanks for capturing it before it left!

Rick said...

Your killin me man!!! I wanted to come up for a shoot this month but couldnt. i might be up next week...time will tell.

Mike said...

The storms last week blew a lot down. The foliage was better than I expected, though, with this drought.