Friday, October 19, 2007

October 18, 2007 storm photos

Here are a few more photos from my little storm spotting excursion yesterday afternoon.

The picture above was the storm that later produced a wall cloud near Moulton. I was looking west near the intersection of highways 36 and 157. just below the picture is a radar capture of the storm from the approximate time the above photo was taken. Dewdrop posted that radar image on our team site. My location is indicated by the red dot.

I took the picture above of a wall cloud near Moulton in Lawrence County. Dewdrop captured the radar image below the photo at the approximate time that I took the picture of the wall cloud.


The picture below was taken as the wall cloud was in the process of disappearing and the rotation was weakening.

On the way home I saw a rainbow!

Back at home, the boys and I were out in the yard and the atmosphere dried up considerably at around sunset, making for a colorful sky.

James Spann posted my pictures from Moulton, AL and many others on Other pictures and video he posted include:

Pensacola tornado
Starkville, MS tornado
Pensacola tornado
Ralph, AL wall cloud (Tuscaloosa County)
Pensacola tornado video
Starkville tornado video

Thanks to storm chaser Jeff Gammons for mentioning my photos on his site!


Dewdrop said...

Great shots, Mike!!!

Mike Wilhelm said...


Anonymous said...

I wish there were thunderstorms in Greece, like those in USA...

Mike Wilhelm said...

Wow...thanks for the comment Harry. Nice site you have. Looks like you get plenty of lighning there!