Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday's weather

This is my car thermometer at 4:15 this afternoon in Morgan County!

North Cullman County, AL -
Low 72.5
High 101.0
No Rain


Sharp said...

Mine said 105 at 5:45. Tad warm.

Sharp said...

Forgot to give you a location: Marshall Space Flight Center

Sharp said...

Hey, I just noticed you took that while you were driving! I know what it's like to total a car I just bought. Don't try it!

Mike Wilhelm said...

I have started driving 55-60 on the interstate more often because I have noticed how much better my fuel economy is when I do that. Well, you wouldn't believe how many evil looks I get, how many people come close to hitting me trying to pass, and how many people zoom by. I notice that my 30 minute commute is only a couple of minutes more doing this. I have about decided to drive faster to be safer!

Dewdrop said...

Taking pictures while you are driving, and you want to be the official chase-cation driver?! HA!

Mike Wilhelm said...

So I ble it, huh? Well I thought I was being safe.