Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Temperature discussion

I have gone back and read some posts of weather geeks like me on Since I was at work today I didn't follow this thread at the time, but it is interesting to look back.

10:32 a.m. Daniel Lamb said, "We're warming up faster today than we have any other day in the heat wave here. Muscle Shoals has already reached 98, Vinemont/Cullman Airport is already up to 97, and Winchester TN was 95 at the top of the hour. Legit high temps over 105 in some parts of our CWA would not surprise me this afternoon, especially if there is little to no cu field."

10:37 a.m. Stormlover said, " already 97 at East Limestone,where I have my weatherbug already 102 at Decatur, 101 at Priceville and Florence, 100 at Sheffield, and 99 at Athens well before 11AM.(weatherbug stations)"

10:42 a.m. Cal said, "This is truly incredible. 97 at my house right now in metro Huntsville. I have never dreamed of such an expansive, long-lived heat wave."

10:57 a.m. Daniel Lamb said, " Muscle Shoals just hit 100 two minutes after the 11 AM ob. The record for today is 103. How long will it take?"

11:30 a.m. Cal said, " I am at 100.5 now"

11:44 a.m. Jessica said, " It has already hit 100.2 here. Waaaayyyyy earlier than any other day in this heatwave."

12:05 p.m. Daniel Lamb said, " Muscle Shoals just tied the old record of 103...before noon."

12:12 p.m. Cal said, "My boy David Hall has gone with an official high of 108 for KHSV today .....I would have never had the nerve to do this. He very well be right folks..."

12:17 p.m. Vic said, "Even over here in NE Alabama, on the fringe of the really severe heat, I've reached 101.2 already. Like the rest of you, that's much earlier than the last week or so and is tied with yesterdays' high for the second hottest day this year. Only Monday was warmer at 103, and I'm thinking I might break that."

12:49 p.m. Daniel Lamb said, "Muscle Shoals just hit 104, breaking the record. Now, how much higher will she go?"

1:04 p.m. Drew said, "Up to 103 here as of 1pm. This is crazy heat."

1:43 p.m. Stormlover said, "106 at East Limestone and from the looks in the post above, in Florence too."

1:46 p.m. Vic said, "Currently: 103.6 on both my Lacrosse and my Radio Shack, located sixty-six feet apart."

1:47 p.m. Drew said, "Indeed. Up to 106 here now. This is the hottest temp I've EVER recorded since owning a weather station for 12 years."

2:24 p.m. Daniel Lamb said, "Not only did we break the daily record at Muscle Shoals. The high so far (106) ties for the second highest temperature in Muscle Shoals since records began there."

2:38 p.m. will2006 from Florence said, "Currently 107.1, and its the high for the day so far too"

3:03 p.m. braveheart from Glencoe said, "current and high:103(highest this summer for me)

4:31 Matt Grantham from Phenix City said, "Currently 98.0, High 102.3, Low 68.8, 20 Straight 90s or higher."

5:21 p.m. Drew from Florence said, "High 106.5º at 1:43pm. Currently holding at 105º."

6:18 p.m. htbaseballfan088 from Trussville said, "105.6 here"

6:33 p.m. Vic from Black Creek in Etowah County said, "High: 104 at 3:25 pm, Low: 62.7 at 6:12 am Currently: 96.6"

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