Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just in from Jamaica:
Just went for another stroll - winds are gusty but not bad, no rain. Surprised with how likkle rain we are experiencing in the Ochi areaThe sea has some serious surf happening, not seeing any rise in the level - am watching that carefully
power went out again and I thought ok, this is the shut down, surprised when it came back including the cable, so we will appreciate it for as long as we have it. I received a call about 30 minutes ago from the security who are stationed at the helipad - a vehicle just went through the fence injuring both occupants, broke the electric pole and destroyed portions of the heavy concrete columns and 2.5 inch steel cables - this is the 2nd one in 2 days. The roads are damp and slippery, many of them have brand new surfaces, so driving must be with care. Fortunately the aircraft are tucked away in their beds, or it would have been a different situation. Can hear the winds kicking up again - so would expect some more rain squalls shortly stay safe everyone - and to our neighbours west, make sure that there are no fishermen out anywhere, tis the time for them to come in and batten down. Nothing is worth risking or losing life over. Sue M

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