Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm ready for meteorological fantasy football!

I am the proud recipient of an invitation to play fantasy football with a bunch of famous weather geeks! I sent an email with my qualifications that read...

I hope I get picked for the team!I am a 42 year old weather geek. I could write a book on what makes me a weather geek. Actually I have been slowly working on a weather book since the late 80's when I was a student at UA. The best evidence of my wx geekness is my blog. This particular entry really shows how geeky I have been since the 70's! My weather geek bio is here which tells most of the sad, geeky story. As if that wasn't scary enough, my friends and some of my teachers in high school called me "HD", as in H.D. Bagley, North Alabama weather legend. I was even in a series of commercials for ABC 33/40 in the late 90's touting James Spann. If all of that isn't proof of wx geekness, I don't know what is!I have played fantasy football several years with some of my old high school buddies, but I must admit I like fantasy baseball better.I have played fantasy sports every year since the late 90's and my friends on there have always known my team as "Mike's Mesocyclones". I see no need to change now.

Tonight I will enter the league.

I have one big problem I need some immediate assistance with, however. The fantasy sports team name that I always use is "Mike's Mesocyclones". I was informed that the name Mesocyclones has already been taken.

Please comment a.s.a.p. with your suggestions this afternoon! Making up creative names is not my forte and I really need help!

Requirements: It needs to be weather related and it needs to be clean!


Dewdrop said...

Mike's Magnificent Microburst

Mike's Mudslides... after the fake game, you can go out for a few... lol... what? It's wx related.

Mike's Mammatus Makers

Mike's Wx Warriors

Alabama Mike's Anvil Crawlers

The Alabama Avalanche


Mike said...

Thanks, Dew! I went with the name "Vinemont Mudsliders"

Dewdrop said...

Did you seriously?! LOL!

Mike said...

Yes. Not because of the drink. My boys and I thought of several options and they liked that one best. So, thanks to you for the suggestion and thanks to the boys for the selection!