Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday's storms

Today in North Cullman County

Low 77.2
High 97.7
Rain .04"

Report from my son David:

My children have reported some storm damage near Harmony School in extreme western Cullman County, west of Logan and north of the Crane Hill community. They saw many large limbs down and damage to a shed near the school. This must have occurred before 3 p.m.

I got back in touch with my son David (my 13 year old) after I lost his signal. He reported that the storm came through a little before 2 PM and that there was some damage to the roof shingles at the school (Harmony), torrential rainfall, lightning, etc. He was in a portable clasroom and he said that the wind was shaking it around quite a bit. He said it actually felt a bit chilly after the storm went through but an hour later it was back up into the mid to upper 90's.

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Dewdrop said...

Sounds like David takes after his dad. Get that boy certified as a spotter!

Mike Wilhelm said...

Thanks, Dew. I wonder if they have an age requirement.

Dewdrop said...

They do not. We had some teens attend the class that I hosted.