Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dean approaches Jamaica this morning

It is currently clouding up in Montego Bay,but nostrong winds and rain.Many areas in the Eastern end of the Island arecurrently experiencing tropical storm conditions.Wella little bit of good news the current track sparesus a direct hit,but hurricane conditions are stilllikely especially southern parishes.On nationwide radio, many people are reportingtropical storm conditions.There are already reports of 20ft waves offshore thesouthern coast and still many people refuse toevacuateOur local radio station is currently streaminglive online,even if God forbid Dean should starttrcking wnw instead of west and hit us they willcontinue broadcasting through the storm.

The latest report from the NWS reporting station in Kingston, Jamaica at 11 a.m. CT showed the following conditions for Kingston:

Temp 77
Dew Point 73
Pressure 29.65" or 1004 mb
Winds WNW at 10 mph
Light Rain
Here is a link to a good radar site for Jamaica. The eye is just beginning to emerge on the radar.

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