Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hurricane Allen 1980

As we are now getting into the heart of hurricane season, I am starting a series of posts on historic hurricanes. Today we will look back at 1980 Hurricane Allen.

Fast facts on Allen:

Allen was the strongest hurricane of the 1980 season.

Allen was one of a three hurricanes (Ivan and Isabel) to reach category five status on 3 separate occasions.

Allen was one of only two (Camille was the other) hurricanes to achieve 190 mph wind gusts.

Allen contained a central pressure of 911 mb, the lowest pressure on record in the Eastern Caribbean.

Allen reached its minimum pressure of 899 mb while crossing the Yucatan Channel (that is the fifth lowest pressure of all time in an Atlantic hurricane).

Allen restrengthened into a Category 5 hurricane for a third time as it moved over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Allen's pressure dropped to 909 mb, the lowest pressure ever recorded in the western Gulf of Mexico.

Allen made landfall north of Brownsville, Texas as a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of only 115 mph. Strength had dropped prior to landfall due to dry air aloft.

Allen spent almost 3 days (total) as a Category 5 storm which is by far the highest of any Atlantic hurricane.

The storm caused 7 deaths in Texas and 17 in Louisiana (most resulting from the crash of a helicopter evacuating workers from an offshore platform).

Two were reported dead in Corpus Christi, while deciding to ride the storm out at North Beach.

Allen spawned several tornadoes in Texas including one in Austin, Texas that was the costliest tropical cyclone-spawned tornado ever.

Allen dumped 10-20" of rain on parts of South Texas, bring relief from the drought and heat wave of 1980.

20.20" of rain fell in Kingsville, TX.

The highest reported storm surge was 12' at Port Mansfield, TX. The surge may have been higher in unpopulated areas.

The highest wind gust was 138 mph in Port Mansfield, TX.

34 tornadoes were known to have touched down across South Texas.


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

I remember Allen quite vividly...was a rising Senior in High School and studied weather every day...hey, just like now! :)

Dewdrop said...

This is cool. I don't remember Allen, but I lived in Boston at the time, and I was pretty hooked on Sesame Street at the time...

Mike said...

I remember Allen, but not to vividly. I was a freshman in HS and yes, among other things, I was indeed a wx geek at that time!

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

GREAT!...I'm the OLD guy of the bunch..... :)

Mike said...

HA HA! I don't know about Rick or the other Mike, Jeff, etc...

Dewdrop said...

I think I am just the baby of the group... how cool is that? I am even younger than the other Mike by a few months.

Mike said...

Pretty cool...and the best looking one in the group to boot!03

Anonymous said...

I'm from the UK and was trecking across the southern states. I remember driving into Galveston, and it seemed like everyone was driving out! We camped on the beach there so it must have been a day or two before it hit land. We then moved inland and got hit by the torrential rain a day or two later.