Thursday, August 09, 2007

Action in the tropics?

The computer models are beginning to hint at activity developing in the tropics during the next few weeks.

1. The European model has been showing a development of a tropical system located south of Mobile, AL in the Gulf of Mexico next Tuesday August 14.

2. The GFS shows a tropical system approaching the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Wednesday August 22.

3. The GFS shows another tropical low near the Bahamas on Saturday August 25.

I would not get to caught up in the details of these models, but this is a strong indication that something will be happening that we will be watching very closely during the upcoming weeks!


Dewdrop said...

Looks like something wants to happen...

Mike Wilhelm said...

I get the feeling something will happen in the Gulf next week. I think it will be shunted to the west, though, by the broad area of high pressure over the South.