Thursday, May 31, 2007

Things are looking up for a chase...

One of my teammates at the Southern Weather Brigade, Dewdrop, has won a cool trip to do some storm chasing with the Twister Sisters beginning next week. I am so happy for her. If you are interested in severe weather at all, watch her blog closely during the next two weeks.

There is a dilemma with storm chasing. I am fascinated with storms and there is a side of me that really wants to see the action. I would love to see a wedge tornado on the plains! On the other hand, I have hoped many times for storms not to happen because there is so much potential for death, injury, and destruction for those in the path of a tornado.

The bottom line, though, is that all of my wishing and hoping will not make any difference in the weather. It is going to happen. When it does, I want to see it and learn about it. Storm spotting is a valuable tool in both the warning process itself along with the data that contibutes to our overall understanding and ability to predict dangerous weather.

Back to Dewdrop's upcoming chase. Things are looking good. When she first mentioned the dates, I wondered how things would look. Things are now looking up!

As of this morning the SPC outlooks are as follows:

Thursday May 31 - MODERATE RISK in western KS and western OK

Friday June 1 - SLIGHT RISK between TEXAS and IOWA

Saturday June 2 - SLIGHT RISK - TEXAS

Sunday and Monday, June 3 and 4 - TEXAS
Wednesday June 5 - OK, KS, NE, and SD


Dewdrop said...

Wow, Mike, you rock!

Rick said...

Yes..He is good...;-) Strong Kung Fu..

Rick said...

mike I plan to blog on what you mentioned concerning the deisre /non desire for weather. It is a two edged sword.

Mike said...

Cool...maybe I'll see that before we leave!