Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Seeing how the other half lives

I'm not in a position to upload pictures of the smoke this morning, but we here in Alabama are getting a small taste of the misery residents of South Georgia have been encountering over the past month or so. Southeasterly winds have imported Georgia smoke into Alabama. One of my friends in Birmingham told me they thought that a fire was near them. I explained that the smoke from Georgia is coming this way, causing the haze. I thought they doubted me so I told how it can be seen satellite.

The smoke in my little corner of the state isn't that bad. It just creates an extra hazy sky and reduces visibility a little. It is nothing like what our friends in Georgia are going through. Our hears go out to them!

Here are a few interesting links:
My friends in South GA, Dewdrop and Rick
Rick submitted an excellent post on our team blog.
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11:45 update: It stinks outside. The smoke is getting worse.


Dewdrop said...

Thanks for the backlink.

Rick said...

Thanks for the backlink. Sorry about the early morning phone call. hope it didnt cause no problems! ;-)

Mike said...

NO PROB Rick...I was just surprised and real busy at that moment...we need to talk soon when we have more time...