Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The much-anticipated post

For my small band of loyal readers, I have finally found a spare second to post something. I have been pouring my heart and soul into my son's baseball team. When I haven't been doing that I have been busy at work and doing stuff with my kids. I have also been planning a special vacation for my boys and I. So far I have reservations for three nights in the big "D" (Dallas, TX) and tickets to three Rangers games. My oldest son is a huge Sammy Sosa fan and has been since he was five. He was hoping that Sammy could make it back to the majors. I am hoping and praying that somehow he can meet Sammy and get his autograph. I purchased an autographed photo for him one time, but he really wants to meet him. So I have been scheming!

The weather here has been highlighted by second hand smoke, sent over from my friends in South Georgia and Florida.

Haze from wildfires expected to return today

By Nancy Glasscock
The Cullman Times
Widespread haze from wildfires in southeastern Georgia and northeastern Florida was expected to return to Cullman County again today, according to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Huntsville. During the past few weeks, a blanket of haze periodically covered north Alabama and southern Middle Tennessee. The most significant contributors to the smoke have been wildfires called “big Turnaround” and “Bugaboo” which have burned more than 430,000 acres in Ware and Charlton counties in Georgia and Baker County, Fla., respectively. The NWS reported the first bout of smoke moving across north Alabama May 14 and 15, with reduced visibilities as low as three miles on May 15.


Dewdrop said...

Wow! A post!!! Good luck get your son in to meet Sammy. I know that would just make his decade!

Sorry to have to share the smoke. I don't wish this on anyone. We are at about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile this AM.

Mike Wilhelm said...

Thanks Dew. It would definitely be huge to him. I had this dream last night I met new Alabama Coach Nick Saban and we talked football for 1 and 1/2 hours before he offered me a job. Too much sports on the brain right now, I guess! At least my son "gets it honest".