Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday Snow 2007!

WAFF 48 Radar at 9:34 p.m.

It snowed tonight in Cullman County!

Snow flurries began at about 9:30 in Vinemont. My son David said the snow became "heavy" near West Point at about 9:35. By 9:42, snowfall started increasing here in Vinemont. Our temperature at that time was 38.8. At about 9:44, James Spann said that it looked like we'd be getting some big flakes in Vinemont soon. At 9:48, my son David reported big wet snowflakes near West Point. James said, "excellent radar returns around West Point, and coming your way." By 9:54 the snow started picking up quite a bit in intensity here in Vinemont with some large flakes. At that same time, James received a note from someone in the Jones Chapel community in western Cullman County saying, "hey i know this is crazy but i live in a small town in cull man called Jones Chapel. It has been snowing here for about 10min. these are really big flakes!! there is nothing sticking but it looks beautiful! just wanted to let you know!" At 9:55 David reported snow briefly accumulating on lawn chairs, grass, and roof tops. James reported that his Cullman skycam was showing snow. James mentioned David's reports on his weather broadcast at 10:15. David told me he got to see it.

Yes, snow in April is a big deal here in North Alabama. I'm sure the "Yankees" who may read this think we are crazy. That's OK. :)

James Spann mentioned it on here and here.


Dewdrop said...

I'm dreaming of a white Easter... unlike any other I have known... Snow? Go figure.

Mike said...

I can't say I was totally surprised, but I really just wasn't thinking much about snow! After all of the "near misses" we've had this winter, we finally see something on Good Friday! Lesson number one with weather (according to JB Elliott): expect the unexpected.