Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It was 33 years ago today

If you are at least 40 and lived anywhere between Alabama and Ontario, Canada, you likely will remember the Superoutbreak of tornadoes on 4/3/74. I sure do! In fact, I think that day is what started me on my life-long fascination with the weather.

My memories of the night:
  • The amazing, scary, sad reports that we heard from Adrian Gibson on WAAY Channel 31 and weather legend H.D. Bagley on WHNT 19 out of Huntsville.
  • I remember reports of massive tornadoes, taking everything with them as they go.
  • There were reports that there were stronger tornadoes formimg to the southwest.
  • There were numerous reports of casualties.
  • I remember that there were some tornadoes that struck the same general area twice
  • I remember being in my liviving room, on the ground floor, watching for the tornado, and hearing it roar from Parkway City Mall over towards Monte Sano
  • My mom was a nurse at Huntsville Hospital. She worked the night of 4/4/07 and said that it was a busy night.
  • She said that power was out in NE Huntsville from Wed night 4/3 and all of the next day.
ABC 33/40's Alabamawx.com has posted some interesting memories.

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Bill Powers formerly of WAAY 31

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