Thursday, April 05, 2007

A few thoughts on global warming

I responded to a post on with the following thoughts:

If Alabama undergoes a warming or cooling trend, that does not necessarily mean that the same thing is happening over the entire Earth.

There have been no reliable methods of measuring global temperatures over the past several thousand years. Therefore I do not believe we can say with any certainty the globe is warming or cooling. It’s even a greater leap to say that any changes are induced by human activity. I’m just not buying it.

Someone stated that if conservative politicians believed in global warming instead of liberals like Al Gore, then more southerners would believe in it. My response: I don’t care who is behind it, it’s bad science. I learned the scientific method in grade school. “Global warming” is only a hypothesis that likely will never be proven. I usually vote for conservatives. If Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, or Rush Limbaugh started believing in global warming, it would not change my mind one bit. I can think for myself, thank you.

A few more thoughts: Too much of the “evidence” people use for global warming is anecdotal, localized, and limited to the past few years. We will experience the coldest temperatures (for this date) over much of the Eastern US during the next few days since records have been kept. Does that equate to global cooling? No! Somewhere else in the world experiencing record warmth. Does that equate to global warming? No!

Remember all of the so-called experts that used the active 2005 hurricane season as “proof” of global warming. Even “scientists” are falling into this trap. Remember, follow the money!

We humans tend to be very short-sighted and egocentric. I believe in conservation and trying to keep the environment cleaner (being a good steward), but I do not believe that we could change the climate if we wanted. We couldn't even make it rain in Alabama in March!

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