Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eagle Pass, TX Tornado

Tornado kills six in Texas and three in Mexico

Dallas, TX (AHN) - The southwest is still in shock after a spring storm hit the area leaving nine dead. Six Texas residents and three residents of Mexico were killed Tuesday night after a severe spring storm created a tornado along the Texas-Mexico border. At least 74 people were injured in Texas, four of them critically, and at least 40 were injured in Mexico.

The six Texas deaths occurred a few miles south of Eagle Pass, located about 150 miles southwest of San Antonio. Apparently four of them were inside one mobile home, AP reports Eagle Pass Mayor Chad Foster said.

More than 20 homes and the Eagle Pass municipal sewer treatment plant were demolished, along with an vacant elementary school.

Oscar Murillo, the civil protection director of Piedras Negras, Mexico, said dozens of homes and cars were damaged and power poles were knocked down.

American Airlines spokesman Billy Sanez said about 200 flights were canceled in Dallas because of the storms and about 80 flights in route to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were diverted to other airports.


Dewdrop said...

It's awful the devastation there... such a tragedy.

Mike said...

That was was also further south than we usually see such storms (not that it's impossible, just less prevelent)

Dewdrop said...

... and in an already depressed area... not a blow they needed.


this was sooooooooooo messed up, the six that died were my family.. my father in law his girlfriend and little girl, his mom and aunt as well as his mother. we drove from ca down to eagle pass the day agter it happend. MAN IT WAS HARD TO LOOK ARROUND ONCE WE GOT THERE, it was sad........ MAY THEY ALL REST IN PEACE

Mike said...

Very sorry to hear of your loss.

stormdogcarlos said...

thank you.