Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why are schools letting out early?

My guess is that many school systems fear the potential liability they may have if a tornado strikes a school full of children while we were under a PDS watch and a high risk. Another point is that if an F3 or greater tornado hits a school, hundreds of children are in danger because they are concentrated all in one area instead of being spread out throughout the community.

I only mentioned lawsuits because it is a sad reality of our society. If something goes wrong there will be parents suing, even though they are truly the ones that should be accountable the most.

I have a major problem with the timing of the schools’ closing, though. Schools should have either stayed open all day or closed entirely. My fear is that children will be on the road between 12 and 2 when the weather may get dangerous. I sure hope not.


Sharp said...

Many parents had the same complaint about the timing. The front was supposed to hit around noon. When do they release the kids? Noon! The interior of a school is safer than a car during a tornado.

I feel a lot of the school closing is about not wanting to deal with worried parents constantly calling the school and/or checking them out randomly throughout the day. They just get it over with all at once. The Enterprise incident aside, most children live in frame houses and mobile homes in Alabama and would probably do just as well to stay put. And as Brad Huffines points out, many are left unsupervised during the worst part of the storm because their parents had to drop them off at the house and go back to work.

It's a mess.

Mike Wilhelm said...

It is a "no win" situation. There are so many valid arguments on either side of the issue. One thing that needs to be considered more, though, is the danger of letting students leave in the middle of the day. Being in a car is the WORST place to be during severe weather.