Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Observation

I am in Huntsville this morning. The wind is howling here at the foot of Monte Sano. I would estimate one gust was at least 40 mph. Lightning is flashing to the southwest. The conditions are worse this morning than I expected in terms of convection and wind at this time of the morning.

Everybody be alert today! Lets pray for everyone’s protection while the day goes on. I have a dear friend who was critically injured in the 1989 Huntsville tornado. She is having a very tough time hearing all of this hype. Remember to pray for her and others who are scared.


Sharp said...

I found it fairly providential that the Tenn Valley was relatively peaceful on Thursday. The constant cloud cover held even as the sun broke through elsewhere. A co-worker said "What could be causing that?" And I said, "Prayer."

Mike Wilhelm said...

Thank you Lord...I know prayers were answered.

My heart goes out to those grieving families in Enterprise, though.

I cannot imagine...