Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thoughts About "Global Warming"

I read an article tonight from the Montgomery Independent. Here are a few of my thoughts in response to the article.

I can't help it! I have to ask a couple of questions. If we cannot even come within thousands of miles of predicting the track of Ernesto about five days in advance, how can we be so egotistical to think that we can predict LONG TERM climate change?

Second, even if we leap to that very unlikely conclusion, how can we be so egotistical as human beings to think that we can control climate when we can't even change the weather on a small scale?

My point is that in order to believe that global warming is man made and that it is something that can be solved by human intervention, one would have to be ascribing God-like power and intelligence to human beings.

One more thing while I'm on a roll: Why do so many of the articles about GLOBAL warming focus on the LOCAL weather of the past few weeks?

"...the weather generally seems to be getting warmer right here in Montgomery. For instance, the temperature hit 96 degrees on August 3rd, 100 degrees on the 4th (a record for that date), 101 degrees on the 5th (also a record), 97 degrees on the 6th, 99 degrees on the 7th, 102 degrees on the 8th (another record) and 98 degrees on the 9th. In addition, our area is almost 13 inches short of normal rainfall so far this year. We have always had tough summers but it is hard to recall when plants, animals and people have ever been so stressed out with the heat and drought."

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